The Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the 2023 GRIT Women’s Summit, scheduled to take place on August 31st at the Wetumpka Civic Center. This year’s event promises to be a transformative experience, bringing together a diverse and dynamic group of women from the region, all united by their shared passion for empowerment, growth, and success.

The theme of this year’s summit is “GRIT,” which represents the tenacity, resilience, and unwavering determination that lie at the core of every successful woman’s journey. The Wetumpka Chamber’s aim is to provide attendees with an opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired.

Attendees of the GRIT Women’s Summit can look forward to a gourmet breakfast and lunch, exclusive gifts, a showcase of businesses led or owned by women, and an exceptional lineup of speakers from all over the country.

This year’s speaker’s lineup includes Sportscaster & Motivator Rachel Baribeau, Ted Talker & Author LaVern Toombs, Ret. Airforce Colonel & Pilot Lori Rasmussen, WFSA Reporter & Podcaster Bethany Davis, and Community Advocate & Alabama Power Executive Alexia Borden.

One of the key highlights of the summit will be speaker Rachel Baribeau. As a trailblazing sports reporter, Baribeau made history as the first known female to participate in a professional football training camp. Her relentless pursuit of delivering an authentic account to her fans has earned her a prominent place in the sports industry, where she has delivered insightful commentary to millions of sports enthusiasts through numerous platforms.

In 2016, Baribeau, penned a piece entitled, “College Football is Breaking My Heart.” The game she loved was becoming unrecognizable. Negative news stories dominated the game and no campus seemed immune. Most broadcasters would have left it at that. Not Rachel.

Rachel developed the non-profit campaign ‘I’m Changing the Narrative’ with student athletes in mind and a belief that one crooked course made straight is everything. One misstep not taken means one less victim in the world. And one less life thrown away because of a split-second bad decision. She challenges each person to respect, protect and cherish others, to serve as a role model, and to value themselves with self-love. She encourages each person to leave a legacy by using their platform to make a difference in this world.

Since the movement started, Baribeau has been visiting high schools and college campuses to inspire young athletes to embrace their purpose, passion, and platform.

With the support of Central Alabama Electric the Wetumpka Chamber will be hosting Rachel Baribeau as the Summit’s Keynote Speaker and afterwards will be hosting a special assembly for student athletes at the Wetumpka High School where they too can be inspired by Baribeau.

For more information about the GRIT Women’s Summit, tickets, vendor and sponsorship opportunities, please visit the online event page or contact the Wetumpka Chamber directly at (334) 567-4811.

About Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce:

The Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting economic growth and prosperity in the region by providing valuable resources, networking opportunities, and fostering a vibrant business community. Through events like the GRIT Women’s Summit, the Chamber strives to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential and make a positive impact on our community.